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By The Smile Shack
September 01, 2016
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At The Smile Shack we love giving advice to help you keep your teeth and gums health! We also like to follow the model of successful people in other avenues of life. Today, we thought we would veer off a little bit from dentistry and share with you seven daily habits that some of the most successful executives in the country swear by to give them "an edge." Read forth!

1. Do Your "Must-Dos" first! - Niki Leondakis, CEO of Commune Hotels and Resorts, suggests getting your most important phone calls, emails and meetings completed first thing in the morning so you can more easily concentrate on giving everyone else your full attention for the rest of the day.

2. Turn It Off During Family Time - Turning off cell phones and not looking at email helps. Xander Oxman, founder of Club W Wine, gets a sense of balance and perspective when he is fully present his wife and kids.

3. Stand! - Recent research has shown that sitting all day can be bad for our health, and Karen Leland, founder of Sterling Marketing Group, is a big believer! She states that standing 15 minutes of each hour increases her energy level significantly.

4. Expand Your Network - Lou Desopoli, founder and CEO of Desopoli Wealth Management, makes it a point to make a new contact every single day, whether through personal interaction or social media.

5. Make A Prioritized To-Do List - Brett King, SVP of Elite Financial Associates, makes a to-do list each morning and grades the tasks A through D, according to their importance, tackling the "A's" first and so on. This guarantees accomplishing priority items instead of shooting from the hip all day.

6. Accentuate The Positive - Most of our news is filled with negativity and tragedy, so reading something positive each day, whether on the Internet, in a book, newspaper, etc., helps Cody Foster, co-founder of Advisors Excel, set the right tone every day.

7. Floss Every Night!  ( knew there was a reason we were doing this!Dentovations CEO Damon Brown says, "It has been proven that there is a direct link between flossing and one's overall health. And the healthier you are, the more productive you are in both your personal and professional life. It is one of the easiest things you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We couldn't agree more!

By The Smile Shack
January 14, 2016
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It's time to pull out and dust off the annual resolution! ...wait for it! ...wait for it! ...

Exercise and eat heathier! Tah-dah!

Yes, while exercising and eating well are certainly great things to do, as resolutions go, they're pretty predictable and unoriginal. Plus, by February the gyms are empty and the ice cream picked over. So...

We, here at The Smile Shack, proudly present you with ten New Year's resolutions you can easily maintain that are guaranteed to improve the quality of your life.

1. Drink a tall glass of room temperature water when you wake up and before you go to bed. Water is the original "miracle food." No matter your cultural background, food preferences, physical condition, or anything else, your body craves water! And no, soda (regular or diet) does not count!

2. Take Walks. Walking has been known to help people solve problems, come up with new ideas, and have epiphanies that seem to come out of nowhere. But they don’t come out of nowhere. They were there all along. Taking a walk just changes the context from ‘inside’ to ‘nature,’ and nature is going to win almost every time. Plus, it’s healthy!

3. Have a moment of gratitude every day.Just stop what you are doing for two minutes and think about how fortunate you are. It’s great to do this in a beautiful place, but not necessary. And remember, if you live in a modern, developed country, you are indeed fortunate. If you’re not sure what to think of, try three things you are grateful for. Or say to yourself – “I could have been born in a Sudanese refugee camp, but here I am in Ohio.”

4. Think of your most distasteful task each day, and do it first. This is called “Eating The Frog First.” Your day will be so much more relaxing once the most dreaded task is taken care of.

5. Call or send a message to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Over the course of the year, you could reignite 365 friendships! And with “Eating The Frog” in mind, send the first message to a person you are having a difficult relationship or grudge match with. Actually, stop reading this and do that one now. It will change your life!

6. Give away or donate one item from your home every day. Don’t stop until you feel you are completely free of clutter. Then start again! By the same token, stop accumulating stuff you don’t need!

7. Compliment or thank someone every day. If you’re not sure where to start, you can send us a quick message to let us know you enjoyed this list! And try not to stop with one. Keep doing it all day long. It’s always fun to compliment someone who is not expecting it.

8. Improve your sleep quality. Sleep is extremely important, and most people don’t get enough restful zzzzzs. Start the relaxation period well ahead of bedtime. Avoid caffeine for six hours and alcohol for four hours before bedtime. Alcohol may zonk you out, but your sleep will be less restful. And, tell your brain what time you need to wake before going to bed to avoid the jarring shock of the alarm. 

9. Spend at least fifteen minutes every day reading something that will expand your mind. Generally speaking, this is not the news, celebrity gossip, business journals, or anything else that is promoted by mass media. Maybe start with something you've wondered about how it works, or how it happened, or how it can or could be.

10. FLOSS!! Well, we had to throw at least one dental resolution in the mix! Daily flossing helps keep your gums free of disease and inflammation. Gum disease is not just about tooth loss. It's also been connected with heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. It's a simple thing to do, just takes a minute, and you'll be a better person for having done it.

By The Smile Shack
December 17, 2015
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At your dental visit it may seem like we concentrate on your teeth and gums, and while that is true, there are other important things in there that need some attention too!

Things like:

The tongue: It’s a big hunk of super-strong muscle in the middle of your mouth, and besides being fun to stick out at mean people, it plays a crucial role in digestion by moving food towards the teeth for chewing and then back to the esophagus for swallowing.

The uvula: That thing which resembles a punching bag in the back of your mouth is not 100% understood, but we are pretty sure it helps in speech, keeping the mouth and throat moist, and the gag reflex.

Salivary glands: Bite on a lemon and you may see one of the three sets of these at work! They secrete saliva, which helps to break down food, rinse away things that may harm your teeth, and counteract the acids in your mouth.

The frenulum: It’s that piece of tissue that connects your tongue to the floor of your mouth. Without it, that tongue of yours would run away and not stay down!

The oral mucosa: Just about everything in your mouth is covered with this protective lining, similar to the stuff that coats the inside of your nose and ears. It has an important job – defending your body from germs and irritants that enter the mouth. 

So while we do pay close attention to your teeth and gums, we check all of these areas as well during every examination, looking for things such as inflammation, unusual lumps and bumps, and even oral cancer.

By The Smile Shack
June 19, 2015
Category: Interesting Facts

Dentists are the experts when it comes to oral care, but sometimes patients have special requests for their smiles, like prosthetic fangs, gold "grills", tattooed teeth. These might sound crazy to you but wait until you hear some of the other special requests they've heard!

The Chicago Dental Society once surveyed more than 300 society members to find out the strangest dental requests they'd ever received from patients. Their answers might surprise you!

10) "Can you extract my tooth without anesthesia?"

9) "Will you wire my mouth shut to help me with my diet."

8) "Can you identify this set of dentures left in the bathroom of the bar where I work?"

7) "I will pay you or your hygienist to floss my teeth at my office every day."

6) "If I have a tooth growing out of my back, should I see a dentist or a chiropractor?"

5) "I just broke off my engagement. Can you cement the diamond into my tooth so that I can keep it?”

4) "Will you give me local anesthesia in my lips? I'm going in for permanent lipstick tattoos and would like to avoid the pain."

3) "May I have an emergency cleaning visit? It's my high school reunion and I need a bright, white smile to face my old boyfriend."

2) "Can I keep the teeth you pull out of my mouth? I'd like to make a necklace out of them."

And the number one strangest dental request ever received...

1"Can you give my dog braces?"

By Dr. Jeff
October 20, 2014
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Tags: Halloween   Oral B   X-ray Safety   Stinky Breath  

With autumn in the air, this month seems like a good time for a brief potpourri of interesting dental-related items for your enjoyment.

Am I brushing long enough?

Thanks to recent technology, you no longer have to ask this question. The Oral B toothbrush company has a new iPhone app that you simply launch every time you brush! It encourages you to brush for a full two minutes. Oral B also sells electric toothbrushes with Bluetooth connectivity to provide you with real time feedback about your brushing habits. Just don’t let this technological wonder cause you to drop your phone in the toilet!

Is Halloween bad for my kid’s teeth?

Hmmm, let me think about this… I don’t want to discourage costumes and trick or treating but the fact is the sticky and chewy candy handed out on Halloween is some of the worst treats possible when it comes to cavity prevention. If your children indulge, please make sure they clean their teeth thoroughly before heading off to bed. Candy residue left on your children’s teeth during sleep is when most of the damage is done.

Why does my breath stink in the morning? 

At night, your salvia flow slows down to a trickle causing normal mouth bacteria to have a party! As gross as it may be, when you wake up in the morning your tongue is littered with bacteria poop! Ewww! To help, make sure to perform a meticulous oral hygiene routine before turning in and upon rising, including brushing, flossing, rinsing and yes…tongue cleaning! This will help eliminate morning breath and make the world a better place.

If dental x-rays are so safe, why do you  run out of the room when taking them?

At The Smile Shack we use digital x-rays which decreases the amount of radiation required to take x-rays by ninety percent or so. This is a level we feel is perfectly safe. The lead apron we have you wear makes the amount of radiation you receive almost imperceptible. Being exposed to that low level of radiation every day for months and years, however, is a different story. That’s why we take the extra precaution of leaving the room.

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