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January 26, 2018
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Discover the many advantages you’ll enjoy through cosmetic dentistry.cosmetic dentistry

Have you decided that your smile could use a nice little refresher? Are you wondering the best way to do this? Then look no further than our Zanesville, OH cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Labishak, to help you get that vibrant new smile you want. There is so much cosmetic dentistry can do for both you and your appearance.

What types of cosmetic dentistry is available?

When you turn to our Zanesville dentist, he will be able to provide you with a variety of options to help get your ideal smile. First thing’s first—we want to sit down with you and discuss your goals for cosmetic dentistry. Maybe you just want a whiter smile. Perhaps you hate that your front teeth are a bit crooked or overlap one another. Let us know these things so we can help you determine which of these cosmetic dentistry options is best for you:

  • Teeth whitening

  • Dental bonding

  • Porcelain veneers

  • Crowns and bridges

  • Dental implants

What are the benefits of cosmetic dentistry?

This is why you’re really here. You want to know what cosmetic dentistry can do for you. There are many benefits to getting one or more of these treatments including:

  • Renewed self-confidence: Do you have to stifle a laugh when in public because you are embarrassed by your smile? Don’t worry about this any longer once you get cosmetic dentistry. You’ll feel your self-esteem rising every time you flashy those pearly whites.

  • A motivation boost: If you don’t have an attractive smile you may feel less-than-thrilled about caring for your smile. Perhaps you figure there isn’t a point to flossing regularly or coming in to see us for checkups if your smile isn’t going to reflect your good oral health. Once you see what a beautiful smile you can get with cosmetic dentistry you may find yourself being a bit more meticulous about how you care for your teeth and gums.

  • A healthier smile: It’s true that issues such as crowding, misalignments, uneven spacing and even crookedness can make it more challenging to properly clean teeth and gums. By correcting your smile and improving its alignment you can actually reduce your risk of cavities and unnecessary wear and tear on teeth.

Do you have questions about cosmetic dentistry? Want to find out what it can do for you? If so, then The Smile Shack in Zanesville, OH is ready to help. Call us and schedule a consultation. Let’s find out the best way to give you your dream smile.


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