By Dr. Jeff
June 12, 2014
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CHEWING GUM…is it a good or bad habit?

Of course, if it's in your hair that's BAD all around!!

But here are some of the risks and benefits of chewing gum. You decide!! 

RISK: Most traditional gums contain high concentrations of sugar--which tastes great!--but this yummy sugar causes tooth decay (cavities) and other health-related problems. Why would you intentionally smash sugar directly against your teeth?

BENEFIT: Although there may be issues with artificial sweeteners, sugar-free gums won’t rot your teeth. In fact, the chewing action can actually stimulate the flow of saliva which reduces the amount of plaque on your teeth and neutralizes harmful acids in your mouth causing a reduction in cavities.

RISK: While many think that gum chewing curbs the appetite, a recent study in the Journal of Eating Behavior reports that chewing minty gum can cause a reduction of the intake of healthy foods, such as fruit, and increase consumption of potato chips and other junk food. Hmmm…what would a Doritos flavored-gum do?!

BENEFIT: Chewing gum helps freshen your breath, especially after eating stinky foods such as onions and garlic, and can relieve dry mouth which promotes gross mouth odors. (Persistent bad breath, however, is usually a sign of more serious dental issues. Better get that checked out!!)

RISK: There is also some risk of embarrassment at the other end of matters!!  “Chewing gum can contribute to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), as excess air can be swallowed, which contributes to abdominal pain and bloating,” says Dr. Patrick Takahashi, chief of gastroenterology at St. Vincent Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. In addition to swallowing air, artificial sweeteners such as sorbitol and mannitol can trigger diarrhea in otherwise healthy people.

BENEFIT: According to studies performed by the British Psychological Society, gum chewing increases blood flow to the brain and actually can help with alertness and memory!

So what do you think?


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