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By Dr. Jeff
October 20, 2014
Category: Interesting Facts
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With autumn in the air, this month seems like a good time for a brief potpourri of interesting dental-related items for your enjoyment.

Am I brushing long enough?

Thanks to recent technology, you no longer have to ask this question. The Oral B toothbrush company has a new iPhone app that you simply launch every time you brush! It encourages you to brush for a full two minutes. Oral B also sells electric toothbrushes with Bluetooth connectivity to provide you with real time feedback about your brushing habits. Just don’t let this technological wonder cause you to drop your phone in the toilet!

Is Halloween bad for my kid’s teeth?

Hmmm, let me think about this… I don’t want to discourage costumes and trick or treating but the fact is the sticky and chewy candy handed out on Halloween is some of the worst treats possible when it comes to cavity prevention. If your children indulge, please make sure they clean their teeth thoroughly before heading off to bed. Candy residue left on your children’s teeth during sleep is when most of the damage is done.

Why does my breath stink in the morning? 

At night, your salvia flow slows down to a trickle causing normal mouth bacteria to have a party! As gross as it may be, when you wake up in the morning your tongue is littered with bacteria poop! Ewww! To help, make sure to perform a meticulous oral hygiene routine before turning in and upon rising, including brushing, flossing, rinsing and yes…tongue cleaning! This will help eliminate morning breath and make the world a better place.

If dental x-rays are so safe, why do you  run out of the room when taking them?

At The Smile Shack we use digital x-rays which decreases the amount of radiation required to take x-rays by ninety percent or so. This is a level we feel is perfectly safe. The lead apron we have you wear makes the amount of radiation you receive almost imperceptible. Being exposed to that low level of radiation every day for months and years, however, is a different story. That’s why we take the extra precaution of leaving the room.

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